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Travel Agencies & Tour Operators

Congo Bongo EcoVillage welcomes all Travel Agencies and Tour Operators

Congo Bongo EcoVillage is pleased to be one of the most popular options in Manzanillo, the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, we have a good rating from guests, we also recognize that our facilities are ideal for families, groups and couples. We thank all the agencies that want to work with us. We recommend customers visit our website and ensure that Congo Bongo EcoVillage is suitable for your vacation.

We also suggest visiting Puerto Viejo Satellite, which has complete information about Costa Rica’s South Caribbean Coast and is very useful when planning a vacation.

20% commission for Agencies

To check for house availability for your clients, click here, where you can enter dates and see the updated calendar. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us. See our rack rates and net rates in PDF versions.

You can make a reservation for your client using our calendar, but it requires a PayPal deposit or Bank deposit, alternatively:


  • Banco de Costa Rica, San José, Costa Rica.

Name of the Account: Daniel Nelemans

ID: 152800014511

Account number – dollars: 230-49863-7

SINPE: 15202230004986374




  • Banco Nacional de Costa Rica.

Name of the Account: Casas Congo Bongo Manzanillo S.A

ID/ Cédula jurídica: 3-101-611435

Account number dollars: 200-02-093-001166-0





  • Scotiabank de Costa Rica S.A.

Name of the Account: Daniel Nelemans

ID/ Cédula jurídica: 152800014511

Account number: 16002004086



  • ABN/ Amro Bank, Amsterdam, Holanda.

Name of the Account: Daniel Nelemans

IBAN: NL39ABNA0571630073

Bank Code: ABNANL2A


Take note of these policies and suggestions:

  • Pets not allowed
  • Please, check our Terms and Cancellation Policies
  • Permit from the Ministry of Health can be found here.
  • INS (Civil responsibility 0108 RCG) can be found here.
  • Legal Persons (Personas Juridica) can be found here and here.

Travel and Transportation reservations

We recommend to agencies that need help in this area to communicate directly with Caribe Fun Tours, this agency has always had good service and feedback from our clients regarding their services.