Forest Properties

Real Estate Congo Bongo Manzanillo Costa Rica!!

Have you ever thought about living or investing in a beautiful tropical paradise like Manzanillo, Limon, Costa Rica?

Properties for sale: Forest Properties

Listing 1b:
Lot Adjacent to Listing 1a

  • Property size: 10.13 acres / 4 hectares
  • Listing price: $55 per square meter
  • An amazing forest with big trees, toucans, monkeys, and more diversity of animals
  • It has a little river inside the property with clean mountain water
  • This is one of the last opportunities for a big property close to the beach
  • The property is directly on the road for all access like; electric power, public water, and fiber internet
  • The property is on the upper side of the road of lot 1a, which means you can combine both properties to make a big property or just for more privacy

Listing 2:
Property of
49.118 square meters

  • We are very happy to offer you this very special property and you have the chance to be in pure nature land with a very beautiful beach just on steps.
  • This is like a untouch property with all wildlife and trees that you will fall in love with right away.
  • It’s part of the wildlife refuge Gandoca-Manzanillo but it is full titled land and your able to build a small project in property.
  • The property has a very nice and big sides of total 49.118 square meters.

Price: $325.000

Listing 3:
Project of
10.000 square meters

  • This is a project you can start tomorrow on a property of 10.000 square meters land with very nice river inside the property.
  • There are some very nice big trees on the land and the property has street front as well.
  • Good location for any project but the owners have already drawing for a rental project what can be start it very soon.
  • We are happy to show you all documents of this titled property with company.

Price: $600.000

Listing 6: SOLD!

Part of this property for sale is on a hill, which provides a great view over the entire property. Some of the land is flat, perfect for a nice garden of tropical plants and fruit trees.
It is has beautiful trees and pure nature all around so that you feel like you’re living with wildlife, including three kinds of monkeys (white face monkey, spider monkey and howler monkey) and many more animals!

  • It is just a short bike ride, or a nice relaxing 15 minute walk, to the white sandy beaches of Manzanillo and the town of Manzanillo.
  • The property is fully titled and has all taxes paid up to date.
  • The side of the land is: 12,520 square meters.

Price: $120,000

Listing 8:
Forest Side Property

  • Property size:  4.9 Acres / 2 hectares
  • Listing price: $35 per square meter
  • The property has direct access to the main street.
  • This property has really nice hills and landscaping with a beautiful canopy
  • It’s 2 kilometers from Manzanillo town, where you can find two supermarkets and several restaurants with nice Caribbean food
  • On the property, you will find big trees and a lot of mountain plants and high ground with an excellent view of the surrounding nature
  • Lots of wildlife on the property to see

Listing 12:
Just to start a business or living

  • Listing price: $60 per square meter
  • These 3 properties are located in Playa Grande, a few meters from Punta Uva, on the forest side of the main street.
  • The distance between these properties to the Caribbean sea is 500 meters by walking or driving on the main road.
  • The topography of the property is flat and at the level of the street that faces it, with the exception of a hill about 10 meters high in the southern area of lots 5, 6, and 7. Occupying an area of 5000 m2.
  • It has electricity, phone service, public water, and fiber internet services.
  • The property has a secondary forest with original trees from the area of great height and beauty with lots of wildlife on this property
  • The size of these properties are:
    #5 is 11,886 sq. meters.
    #6 is 17,169 sq. meters.
    #7 is  6,843 sq. meters.


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