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Real Estate

Real Estate Congo Bongo Manzanillo Costa Rica!! 

Did you ever thought about living or investing in a beautiful tropical paradise like Manzanillo, Limon Costa Rica?

Here is your chance! Your dreams will be complete once you have your own property and/or house here in the Caribbean of Costa Rica.

We are specialized in the Manzanillo area, just 20 minutes by car from Puerto Viejo. Here in the area you will find much wildlife, culture, nature and white sandy beaches to enjoy your property and new lifestyle.

Congo Bongo Ecolodges will help you out with all you need with living here in your new paradise because we have more than 20 years experience with living here and doing business in renting and selling properties. We can offer you properties inside the project of Congo Bongo Ecolodges or other properties here in the area.There will be always options for you here in Manzanillo that will fit with your ideas and make you a very happy person.

If you like to be part of Congo Bongo Ecolodges Manzanillo and interested in your own house here that will be maintained with the service we offer you please get in contact by email and we are happy to explain you how that all works out.You will be living or having your investment in a hotel like ours and you will be happy everyday with that king of feelings…… 
We work with best lawyers, surveyor, accountants and more……

Properties for sale

Beach front property with 50 meters

  • Beach front property with 50 meters of white sandy beach right in front of your own house.
  • The house has 2 stores and 4 bedrooms, large upper deck with ocean view and it’s all furnished.
  • This rental has all 5 star reviews.
  • The side of the house is:2000 square feet.
  • The side of the bodega is:100 square feet.
  • The side of the land is:4809.82

Price: $275.000

Beach front property 2 lots.

  • This property can be part of the beach front property with house because before is was one whole property but the owners separate this in 2 lots.
  • This property has great and lovely trees that make it a perfect combination of having beachfront and jungle together with lots of wildlife. 
  • Also if you do 2 properties together like they were before you will keep your privacy high. 
  • The side of the land is:5115.12 square meters.

Price: $200.000

Propery of 49.118 square meters

  • We are very happy to offer you this very special property and you have the chance to be in pure nature land with a very beautiful beach just on steps.
  • This is like a untouch property with all wildlife and trees that you will fall in love with right away.
  • It’s part of the wildlife refuge Gandoca-Manzanillo but it is full titled land and your able to build a small project in property.
  • The property has a very nice and big sides of total 49.118 square meters.

Price: $325.000

Project of 10.000 square meters

  • This is a project you can start tomorrow on a property of 10.000 square meters land with very nice river inside the property.
  • There are some very nice big trees on the land and the property has street front as well.
  • Good location for any project but the owners have already drawing for a rental project what can be start it very soon.
  • We are happy to show you all documents of this titled property with company.

Price: $350.000

Beach Front Property Manzanillo!

  • This beautiful and unique property of 2 hectare, one of the few left in this area of the Caribbean coast of this size and tropical splendor, borders on the Caribbean Sea. 
  • On the seaside, there are spectacular coconut tree-lined cream colored coralline sand beaches (best beaches of Costa Rica, Lonely Planet 2011 and other years), and inland – tropical vegetation with centuries-old trees alongside open spaces for development . 
  • Imagine parrots, monkey troops high above the ground – a true tropical paradise either for an exclusive development, or your dream beachfront house and property, or both – you decide!

Price: $950.000

Turnkey opportunity!!!

  • It’s ready to rent or life yourself here….
  • Titled property with a comfortable house that has 3 bed & 2 bathrooms. (sleeps 6).
  • Lovely garden with lots tropical flower, plants and bamboos.
  • The 2 store building with:modern kitchen, master bedroom with bathroom, wooden floors, laundry room, outside terrace, indoor and outdoor living area, hot water,WiFi and much more……
  • Just a very short walk to the beach and town of Manzanillo.
  • The side of the land is:4304 square meters.

Price: $300.000

Don’t miss this unique chance to start a new life with your own project!

Part of this property for sale is on a hill, which provides a great view over the entire property. Some of the land is flat, perfect for a nice garden of tropical plants and fruit trees.
It is has beautiful trees and pure nature all around so that you feel like you’re living with wildlife, including three kinds of monkeys (white face monkey, spider monkey and howler monkey) and many more animals! 

  • It is just a short bike ride, or a nice relaxing 15 minute walk, to the white sandy beaches of Manzanillo and the town of Manzanillo.
  • The property is fully titled and has all taxes paid up to date.
  • The side of the land is: 12,520 square meters.

Price: $110.000

Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge

Manzanillo, Costa Rica

Gandoca-Manzanillo Jungle Hike

Manzanillo Limón , Costa Rica

Manzanillo Limón , Costa Rica

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