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Heli Transport

Enjoy this amazing experience flying over the tropical rain forests and Caribbean beaches. Spend less time than other transport ways and cherish every second more than you have in the great scenarios that we have to offer. We have three companies offering this service.

BOOK this option by sending us an email with your details and we’ll take care of the rest.

This is a once in a lifetime experience!!

Congo Bongo helicopter flights are the solution to visit the South Caribbean side of Costa Rica – in about one hour flying time, from the Tobias Bolaños International Airport in San Jose, you will be at Congo Bongo in Manzanillo. Even though Costa Rica is a small country, it takes hours to drive to its beautiful destinations due to the irregular topography and not well-maintained roads. By chartering your private helicopter you will save valuable time reaching us.

It is a fast, safe and special experience on top of spectacular nature views of Costa Rica.

Our VIP service offers the client the best aerial transportation in our country because we will establish a route flying over beautiful areas amazing jungles and have a wider look at all the Caribbean crystal waters and beaches, before arriving in Congo Bongo.

You will be thinking: “Oh my God, Costa Rica is amazing and we chose a perfect destination.”

You will be flying certified units with the most experienced helicopter pilots, with years of experience in emergency cases, severe weather situations and being chosen by celebrities during their vacations in Costa Rica.

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